1 Full Day Workshop In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing.

Module 1: Layout Difference Between Outlook – 2000 & Outlook – 2003 & Outlook – 2007

  •  Appearance
  • Calendars
  • Public Folders
  • Shortcuts
  • Outlook Today
  • Email Notification


Module 2: New Features in Outlook – 2003

  • Creating a new profile (Exchange Server)
  • Working with Email
  • Creating a New Mail Message
  • Inserting a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) filed
  • Replaying to mails
  • Forwarding Mail
  • Sending mail with Attachment
  • Sending mail Importance setting


Module 3: Different Email Oprions

  • Forcefully checking the spelling before you send the Mail
  • Sending Email with the response buttons.
  • Tracing your email with delivery and return Receipt
  • Adding the simple Signature to your email
  • Creating an Email using a Stationary
  • Sending a post-dated mail
  • Sending Mails with follow-up


Module 4: Working in offline mode (Cached Exchange Mode)

  • Switching to offline mode


Module 5: Organizing and Manading Email

  • Arranging your email by category(Sorting of mails)
  • Giving color to specfic email so that it is easy to trace
  • Viewing only the Unread message in your folder
  • Recalling the send message


Module 6: Working with Folders

  • Creating a Simple Folder
  • Moving the email to a specific folders
  • Creating Personal Folder
  • Giving Password to your personal folders
  • Directing all new mails from mailbox to personal folder
  • Checking size of the folders
  • Display total count of message instead of the count of unread message indicato
  • Creating rules with the rules wizard


Module 7: Creating out of Office your Email

  • Types of Rules
  • Creating Rules with the Rules Wizard


Module 8: Creating out of Office Replies

  • General tips and considerations
  • Creating an out of Office Reply
  • Turning Off the Out of Office Assistant
  • Turning Off Out of Office Assistant: Outlook Already Open


Module 9: Junk Email Filters

  • Overview of Junk Email Filters
  • Setting Junk E-Mail Filters in Outlook


Module 10: Archiving your Folders

  • Archiving data automatically
  • Archiving data manually
  • Restoring data


Module 11: Contacts

  • Creating a New Personal Address Book
  • Creating a Distribution List


Module 12: Calendar

  • Introduction to Calendar
  • Creating a New Appointment
  • Creating a Recurring Appointment
  • Sending a Meeting Request Mail


Module 13: Tasks

  • Introduction
  • Creating a New Tasks
  • Assigning the Tasks to Others


Module 14: Sharing your Folders (Inbox, Calendar, Tasks etc.)

  • Outlook folder permissions
  • Giving Permissions to your folders
  • Open other user’s folders who has given you permissions
  • Sending Mails on Behalf of Other User


Module 15: Reparing a Corrupted PST File Useful SHortcut keys in Outlook

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A great learning experience!!! Teaching was in depth and explained very well. Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz covered all important aspects of Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Would definitely recommend to all those who want to learn about the various aspects of using Microsoft Office Package.
Paras Bhalla
Paras Bhalla
14:19 16 Jun 17
This was an amazing experience. The entire session was really a great learning experience. I would recommend this to all corporates.
04:03 19 Jun 17
The training by Mr Faiyaz was sublime.. I got to know many new things and revision of known things.. Overall it was splendid expereince of Excel training.. Thanks for imparting such good knowledge
05:28 01 Jun 17
A great workshop just ended for us at Mahindra buses and trucks...fayaz was very helpful and indeed persuasive in getting us ingrained in excel and outlook ... Would recommend ... Cheers
Bharat Raghavan
Bharat Raghavan
03:05 18 Jun 17
It was an excellent training session. Mr. Faiyaz has given us perfect guidance. The Excel Program was truly beneficial.
MIS India Private
MIS India Private
14:06 20 Jul 17
It was a great corporate experience of learning advanced excel in a good ..smooth..faster way with hardwork and determination lead by Faiyaz...Very Good Keep It up ...Sterlite Tech Employee
Kalpesh Sambhria
Kalpesh Sambhria
13:58 20 Jul 17
Good Teaching Skills. Opened the completely new area of EXCEL. Would definitely suggest to my colleagues.
Samir Maner
Samir Maner
11:10 17 Aug 17
We had a two-day intensive workshop on Microsoft Excel in our corporate office and to sum up the experience let's just say beginner to pro in two days. Great learning session from the certified tutor, Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz.
Gilbert Khakhlari
Gilbert Khakhlari
11:45 21 Aug 17
Hii. Excellent & very nice trainer and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.thanksJitendra Kumar
Excise Mumbai
Excise Mumbai
06:42 22 Aug 17