1 Half Day Training in Mumbai For Advance Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word, Level 2 (2016,2003, XP, 2000, 97)

Microsoft Word is a simple yet powerful word-processing application, allowing you to create documents and format them as per your requirements. This one-day program exposes the participants to many of the important and powerful features of Microsoft Word that are useful for their day-to-day work, as well as some advanced aspects that can help them in saving their time.

Almost every working person needs to work with letters or documents. A vast majority of people working with computers use Microsoft Word for managing their word-processing tasks. Therefore, people across functions and across organizational hierarchies will benefit from this program.

Participants should have basic familiarity with Microsoft Word. More specifically, they should know how to create, edit, format, print, and save documents.

Upon completion of this one-day program, the participants will be able to:

  • Apply formatting to their documents.

  • Work with columns and tables.

  • Effectively use language features, such as spell check, thesaurus.

  • Use mail merge for customizing standard letters.

  • Create and use templates.

  • Module 1: Overview of Basic Word

    • Selection techniques
    • Using cut, copy, and paste operations
    • Saving, opening, and closing documents
    • Creating documents using existing template


    Module 2: Editing Tools

    • Using spell-check and grammar
    • Using thesaurus
    • Auto correct options
    • Auto text options for automating typing


    Module 3: Formatting Documents

    • Paragraph alignment
    • Setting indents
    • Paragraph and line spacing
    • Bullets and numbering
    • Multilevel bullets
    • Borders and shading
    • Format painter
    • Tab setting
    • Adding drop cap


    Module 4: Tables

    • Creating tables
    • Deleting and inserting rows and columns
    • Resizing tables
    • Sorting tables
    • Formulas in tables
    • Updating formulas


    Module 5: Advance Formatting Features

    • Modify existing styles
    • Creating own styles
    • Copying styles
    • Working with multiple columns
    • Using Textbox in documents


    Module 6: Working with Large Documents

    • Inserting Headers and Footers
    • Inserting Page numbers
    • Creating and modifying table of contents
    • Inserting section breaks
    • Adding bookmarks to existing document
    • Adding footnotes and endnotes
    • Inserting Columns
    • Adding Hyperlinks


    Module 7: Templates

    • Creating documents using templates
    • Creating documents using Wizard
    • Creating or modifying existing templates


    Module 8: Mail Merge

    • Performing mail merge on existing documents
    • Using Word documents to create data sources
    • Using query option with mail merge
    • Using envelopes and labels options


    Module 9: Protecting Documents

    • Protecting documents with passwords
    • Changing or deleting passwords


    Module 10: Using Microsoft Word with other Programs

    • Saving Word documents in a different formats
    • Linking Word documents to Excel worksheets

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    A great learning experience!!! Teaching was in depth and explained very well. Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz covered all important aspects of Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Would definitely recommend to all those who want to learn about the various aspects of using Microsoft Office Package.
    Paras Bhalla
    Paras Bhalla
    14:19 16 Jun 17
    This was an amazing experience. The entire session was really a great learning experience. I would recommend this to all corporates.
    04:03 19 Jun 17
    The training by Mr Faiyaz was sublime.. I got to know many new things and revision of known things.. Overall it was splendid expereince of Excel training.. Thanks for imparting such good knowledge
    05:28 01 Jun 17
    A great workshop just ended for us at Mahindra buses and trucks...fayaz was very helpful and indeed persuasive in getting us ingrained in excel and outlook ... Would recommend ... Cheers
    Bharat Raghavan
    Bharat Raghavan
    03:05 18 Jun 17
    It was an excellent training session. Mr. Faiyaz has given us perfect guidance. The Excel Program was truly beneficial.
    MIS India Private
    MIS India Private
    14:06 20 Jul 17
    It was a great corporate experience of learning advanced excel in a good ..smooth..faster way with hardwork and determination lead by Faiyaz...Very Good Keep It up ...Sterlite Tech Employee
    Kalpesh Sambhria
    Kalpesh Sambhria
    13:58 20 Jul 17
    Good Teaching Skills. Opened the completely new area of EXCEL. Would definitely suggest to my colleagues.
    Samir Maner
    Samir Maner
    11:10 17 Aug 17
    We had a two-day intensive workshop on Microsoft Excel in our corporate office and to sum up the experience let's just say beginner to pro in two days. Great learning session from the certified tutor, Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz.
    Gilbert Khakhlari
    Gilbert Khakhlari
    11:45 21 Aug 17
    Hii. Excellent & very nice trainer and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.thanksJitendra Kumar
    Excise Mumbai
    Excise Mumbai
    06:42 22 Aug 17
    it was too good..the way he teach us the MS Excel, we never thought there are so much we can do in excel. Now we can do more things in Excel i.e. presentation of Data. Teaching skill was amazing, Excellent Trainer. will definitely suggest my friends.
    Sumit Navre
    Sumit Navre
    10:31 22 Aug 17
    Faiyaz sir teach awesome excel it's very easy to understand our excel ... teaching skills are very good I will surely get in touch with him .. soon ...
    Nikhil Patel
    Nikhil Patel
    13:20 30 Aug 17
    Faiyaz was very much supporting & made us understand in detail. Thks! all the best.
    asgarali shaikh
    asgarali shaikh
    13:21 30 Aug 17
    Was very helpful in understanding the functions in Excel and how to use it. Very logical explanations for everything
    Pranidhi Trivedi
    Pranidhi Trivedi
    13:19 30 Aug 17
    On the first note I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing a brilliant workshop. The way how that all the topic have been covered up in a short span of time is very systematic. I personally appreciate the effort that Faiyaz sir has put. Most importantly the style of teaching, the way of interaction, and all the PRACTICE SHEETS were perfect to catch the topic.Two days well spent with proper LEARNINGS after a long time.THNX
    Riddhi Bora
    Riddhi Bora
    10:54 12 Oct 17
    Good teaching skills. Well structured course on Excel and Outlook. Highly recommend to new entrants in the corporate world
    Sarvesh Bavadekar
    Sarvesh Bavadekar
    10:48 12 Oct 17
    We had a training with Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz for a coupe of days in Pune. A very dynamic trainer who very well knows how to keep the flow for such sessions and keep the participants involved. Great learning experience.
    Shubham Agarwal
    Shubham Agarwal
    10:45 12 Oct 17
    Overall it was a good experience. Got to learn excel from basic.Thanks to Faiyaz Sir.
    Anshul Srivastava
    Anshul Srivastava
    10:56 12 Oct 17
    Excellent trainer (Faiyaz). The training was really helpful. Great experience.
    karan kapoor
    karan kapoor
    10:46 12 Oct 17
    Thanks, Faiyaz sir, for conducting such a brilliant workshop on Advance Excel....at CENTURY RAYON CO. for the first time. Hoping this relationship will go even further. You made the workshop so lively that even the topic like Excel had not only get understood but entertaining as well.Superb Workshop...
    Arun Sharma
    Arun Sharma
    11:33 07 Nov 17
    Very good faculty with in depth knowledge of ms Excel. Our training session held by Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz was excellent at Ms Century rayon.
    mahendra singh
    mahendra singh
    18:07 13 Nov 17
    A very great experience in learning many useful things in Excel..The trainer,Mr.Faiyaz is a bank of knowledge n specially to mention, loved his teaching style n techniques, right into our brains...good going..keep it up...
    Sudha Murthy
    Sudha Murthy
    05:47 23 Nov 17
    Very organized step by step approach of learning Excel.I like the interactive style, and having the sample worksheets available is helpful to practice. over all it was good.
    shamilee konka
    shamilee konka
    12:00 23 Nov 17
    Basic Excel training was good, got many thing to learn, Also the trainer Faiyaz was excellent in solving the query.
    Tauseef Fansupkar
    Tauseef Fansupkar
    12:52 24 Jan 18
    Excellent Trainer...good training topic, Teaching also very good. nice response..... Regards,Vinayak Ingawalenetmagic Solutions.Vikhroli
    Arjun kapshikar
    Arjun kapshikar
    12:58 25 Jan 18
    Excellent trainer. Great knowledge of MS Excel. Good interactive learning experience. Thank you Mr. Faiyaz for the wonderful session.
    Aditya Benjamin
    Aditya Benjamin
    10:51 26 Jan 18