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Excel Course, Level 1 (2013, 2010, 2007)

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular software applications in the world and is used by firms in almost every industry, from pizza parlors to private equity. Companies, educational institutions, and government agencies all use Excel to manage and analyze data, create spreadsheets and reports, print charts, and much more. It’s no wonder why a working knowledge of this spreadsheet software is an essential skill for people who spend part of their workday in front of a computer, even for those that do not necessarily have an accounting or finance-related careers. Thus Excel skills are in demand, and its no surprise people with Excel knowledge are earning more money than their counterparts. By taking one of these 3 online courses, you can learn Excel online, get a leg up on your up on your colleagues and job seeking competitors, and increase your earning potential.

Microsoft Excel Training Module 1: Getting Started

  • Understanding the Excel screen
  • Navigating in a spreadsheet
  • Understanding worksheets, columns, rows and cells
  • Saving, opening, and closing workbooks


Microsoft Excel Training Module 2: Formatting a Spreadsheet

  •   Changing column widths and row heights
  • Changing alignment of cells
  • Undoing and redoing actions
  • Formatting numbers
  • Clearing formats
  • Applying borders to cells
  • Merging cells


Microsoft Excel Training Module 3: Formulas and Functions

  • Entering formulas
  • Copying data and formulas
  • Using AutoSum
  • Understanding functions
  • Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max)
  • Copying formulas
  • Types of cell referencing: relative and absolute
  • Applying conditions in a formula (The IF function)
  • Working with ranges


Microsoft Excel Training Module 4: Editing Features

  • Using cut , copy, and paste operations
  • Using paste special with values
  • Selection techniques
  • Navigation techniques


Microsoft Excel Training Module 5: Working with Large Worksheets

  • Freezing and unfreezing panes
  • Splitting windows
  • Inserting page breaks for printing


Microsoft Excel Training Module 6: Working with Charts

  • Creating charts using Chart Wizard
  • Creating different types of charts
  • Including titles and values in charts
  • Formatting of charts


Microsoft Excel Training Module 7: Previewing and Printing

  • Previewing worksheets
  • Page setup
  • Printing of worksheets in multiple pages
  • Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages
  • Printing multiple worksheets


Microsoft Excel Training Module 8: Simple Database Operations

  • Sorting tables
  • Filtering data with auto filter
  • Generating subtotal reports
  • Creating pivot tables
  • Referring data from other worksheets

Online Basic Excel Course

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  • Duration : 20 Hours *
  • *We offer discounts to Corporates for Bulk Enrollments

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