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    I have attended the Advanced Excel training sessions organised by Sealed Air Packaging Materials India LLP on 15th and 16th December 2020. The sessions conducted by Mr. Faiyaz were very informative, interactive and hand-on despite having a virtual training platform. I would highly recommended this for anybody who wants to enhance their excel skills.
    Sampada Munj
    12:42 22 Dec 20
    I have attended the advanced excel workshop on the 19th and 20th of December 2020. Everything you need to know about excel in two days, can be found through this workshop. Got a lot ideas and answers to age old doubts. Mr. Faiyaz is a very good teacher for the same. Every technical description was made so simple to understand with great examples. Thankyou sir.
    Carol Monteiro
    19:10 19 Dec 20
    Amazing training. I was able to prepare excel dashboards for my organization with their teachings and methods. Even my doubts were solved. Special thanks to Sabiha ma'am and Shaziya ma'am for their training.
    harsh malhotra
    06:05 24 Aug 20
    Radhika Chatterjee Xavier Institute of Communications, online excel programThe Microsoft Excel classes were really interesting and the basic concepts were taught very simply and in detail. Thank you for such a wonderful training and experience.
    radhika chatterjee
    07:23 26 Jul 20
    Yatish BajajXavier's Institute of CommunicationOnline Excel ProgramI've just completed my online excel sessions with Mr Faiyaz. Due to ongoing pandemic, sessions were held on zoom and still the experience was so good. He taught all difficult concepts like pivot table and vlookup with such an ease that i never felt that i was a beginner. I really appreciate his efforts and hope to make the most of it.
    yatish bajaj
    16:29 25 Jul 20
    I'm a student of Xavier Institute of Communication and got a chance to attend their Online Excel Program with Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz. It was an extremely interactive, interesting and informative course. Sir was extremely cooperative, cleared every single doubt that anyone encountered and the learning value was immense.
    Esha Misra
    09:13 25 Jul 20
    Did a Excel Workshop Course with Faiyaz M Khairaz sir.It was an excellent course for girl like me who had no prior experience with Excel. Sir cleared each and every doubt I had.Thank You Sir for the wonderful training.
    geeta pansare
    08:36 25 Jul 20
    Mr. Khairaz trained us as a part of my institution's (Xavier's institute of Communications) online excel training program. To say that he is an excellent teacher and coordinator would be an understatement. We had only 5 days as a part of the program, but he trained us so well that each one of us can say we 'excel' in Excel. His personality is the cherry on the cake. He made the classes so fun that we actually enjoyed the tedious, confusing exercises of Excel. And personally speaking, I really looked forward to the assignments, primarily because he made the training so enjoyable. I would definitely say I was fortunate enough to be mentored by him. If possible, I would give 6 out of 5 stars to him. Great job sir! We'll miss you!
    Aashima Akhtar
    08:13 25 Jul 20
    I am a student of Xavier Institute of Communications and I undertook a course on Microsoft Excel by Faiyaz Khairaz sir and it was super interactive and fun! The content is very relevant and the teaching style made it easy to comprehend. Would recommend to anyone looking to grab similar skills!
    Sonaali Malhotra
    08:07 25 Jul 20
    Institute: Xavier Institute Of Communication Course: Online Excel ProgramAttended Mr. Faiyaz M Khairaz online excel program. And I should tell that a software like Excel couldn't have been more fun and easier. His communication skills are top notch and help in clear explanation of concepts. It was a great experience overall.
    Bhumit Shah
    08:06 25 Jul 20
    I studied the excel online course from Xavier's Institute of Communication by Fairaz sir, never thought anyone could ever make excel interesting but he did! For sure will remember excel for lifetime now 😛
    Prachi Arya
    08:03 25 Jul 20
    Great experience. Learnt a lot of things and in an interesting way. Numbers are finally fun to work with. Institution - XIC
    08:02 25 Jul 20
    Name - Ranu AgrawalCompany - Ovivo India Pvt LtdProgram Name - Training in Advance ExcelThe training session was excellent and valuable. Mr. Faiyaz is brilliant trainer and patiently handle all the questions of the participant. Thank You Faiyaz for valuable session.
    Ranu Agrawal
    06:04 25 Jul 20
    Name: Uddipta Bhattacharya Institution: Xavier Institute of Communication. Online Excel Program. The online classes were very informative. Never thought learning excel in depth would be this much fun. Thank you Faiyaz Sir . It was brilliant!
    Uddipta Bhattacharya
    05:58 25 Jul 20
    Excellent pedagogy! Excel made easy by Faiyaz Khairaz sir!Divya Saha RoyXavier Institute of CommunicationOnline Excel Program
    Divya Saha roy
    05:57 25 Jul 20
    Arhan WillsonXaviers Institute Of CommunicationsVery well taught and the friendly environment of the classes makes the classes enjoyable and easy to learn. The professor is amazing. Sticks to what he teaches and always helps he students.
    Arhan Willson
    05:49 25 Jul 20
    Nice learning experience, Mr.Faiyaz khairaz one of the best excel trainers i have taken training from also best wishes from Sonova Hearing India pvt ltd
    vaibhav gholap
    14:29 06 Feb 20
    Tausif Shaikh - Netmagic - Corporate Excel Training.It was great experience, After a long time had a great learning.Thanks Faiyyaz for the wonderful training.Faiyaz M Khairaz
    Tausif Shaikh
    13:02 20 Jan 20
    Name: Deepu Maliakkal/Netmagic IT Solutions/Corporate Excel TrainingExperience: Good Session For Basic Excel. It helped to clear doubts, which was daily useful for Office work.Trainer: Faiyaz M Khairaz
    d d
    13:00 20 Jan 20
    Name : Santosh AdlikarCompany Name : Netmagic solutions Corporate Excel TrainingExperience : Faiyaz M KhairazIt was good experience to learning. Mr. Faiyaz expalained detailed about the basic Excel
    Santosh Adlikar
    12:59 20 Jan 20
    Faiyaj Ahmed Rain/ Net magic solutions /corporate excel training Experience- it is good experience about excel training. trainer created and maintained an environment of learning Faiyaz M Khairaz
    12:58 20 Jan 20
    Advanced Excel Course for two days was very useful which suited my requirement and they provide hands on experience and practice. I thanks to trainer.
    Shatrughan Rane
    12:50 30 Dec 19
    advance excel training is very goods and also helping in my work .Name :- Sushil Vinod SharmaCompany :- Century Enka Ltd.program Date :- 17 & 18 dec 2019
    Sushil Sharma
    11:22 27 Dec 19
    Excellent Training, Excellent Trainer Mr. Faiyaz M Khairaz. Explanation in detail & specific, crystal clear fundas.Discovered a lot of option we can use in our day to day working life.1) Name of Participant: Uttamkumar Purohit2) Company Name:Birla Century3) Program Name: Advanced Excel Training
    hr Rp
    10:51 27 Dec 19
    1) Name of Participant : Niranjan S. Sarda2) Company Name : Century Enka Ltd.3) Program Name: Advanced Excel Training.The session was very useful. Various shortcuts and functionalities will help to analyse data in various formats.
    Niranjan Sarda
    03:26 27 Dec 19
    1) Name of Participant : Minakshi Borate2) Company Name: Century Enka Limited, Pune 411026.3) Program Name: Advanced Excel Training as on 17 & 18 Dec-2019.Training was good and useful to regular work.
    10:20 26 Dec 19
    Thanks for the fantastic session. It was very good and knowledgeable. I have learnt lot of new things to do in Excel.Some of new Excel Concepts has saved my so much of precious time.Name: Kunal LasodTrainer: FaiyazCompany Name: Century Enka LtdProgram Name: Advance Excel TrainingDate: 17 & 18 Dec. 2019
    Kunal Lasod
    06:02 25 Dec 19
    1) Name of Participant - Sunil R. Joshi2) Company Name: Century Enka Ltd, Bhosari, Pune 26.3) Program Name: Advanced Excel TrainingGood Experience !! It will helping us for day to day transactions in Excel.
    Sunil Joshi
    10:38 23 Dec 19
    1) Name of Participant - Sanjay R. Mahajan2) Company Name: Century Enka Ltd, Bhosari, Pune 263) Program Name: Advanced Excel Training as on 17 & 18 Dec_2019.We have received training in a language that is easy for everyone to understand. We will definitely benefit from this training in our daily activities.
    Sanjay Mahajan
    10:32 23 Dec 19
    I had gone for excel classroom training and i must say their services were very good and i gained a lot of knowledge.
    Munish v
    12:18 17 Dec 19
    Aditya Nagpure/Northern Marine Management/Advanced Excel TrainingTraining was so good. Learned many more new functions in excel. Must take training from them.
    Aditya Nagpure
    12:16 14 Dec 19
    Company: Northern Marine Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.Review: Provides very good & indepth Training in Advanced Excel with adequate examples & practice during the Training.
    rahulsd online
    12:16 14 Dec 19
    Name - Mohit Pandey Company name - Yasham Speciality IngredientsCourse name - Advanced excel trainingMr. Faiyaz very well explained concepts in a simplest manner.It was a great experience to learn under your guidance.Thanks a lot for your best efforts.
    Mohit Pandey
    11:24 10 Dec 19
    Name Varsha SatveCompany Name ePacific Services Private LimitedProgram Name Advanced Excel Trainer Faiyaz KhairazReview Great experience & knowledge, The training has helped me improve my skills and work efficiently
    Varsha Satve
    10:43 10 Dec 19
    Name:Vedant MotheCompany Name:Yasham specialty IngredientsCourse : Advanced excelTrainer : Faiyaz KhairazReview : One of the best excel class ever... Simply he teaches every concept in detail repeating for 2 to 3 times & even after that he is ready to solve your queries.Best class ever...
    Vedant Mothe
    13:11 03 Dec 19
    Absolutely a great training on VBA Macros, worth investing in it. We had 4 days session on VBA Macros, and the value addition was superb.Trainer Faiyaz M Khairaz is was able to deliver the training thoroughly, and I really liked the manner of explaining the concepts. Thumbs up with five stars ***** !!!Sujeet KumarPineBridge Investments India Capital Private LimitedProgram : VBA Macros
    Sujeet KUMAR
    12:50 29 Nov 19
    Very good trainer , covered most of the VBA, also trained on Pivot query and Power Pivot. The entire team was very happy with the course.Vikas KalmaneName of the Company : PineBridge India Private Limited
    Vikas Kalmane
    12:09 29 Nov 19
    Name - Amruta Khot Company name - Pinebridge Investments Program - VBA MacrosWe had trainer Faiyaz Khairaz - excellent teaching skill and it was interactive sections.Good learning experience
    Amruta Khot
    11:58 29 Nov 19
    G8 Learning and Experience, Had learned new tools and exposed a lot with new features which were not known.Thanks a lot FaiyazArpit Kr Gothi - HR Lead - Reliance Retail
    Arpit Gothi
    12:55 21 Nov 19
    thank you for explaining the basic concepts in simplest possible way even though we use them everyday, concept clearing was was important which will help us in analyzing the data for every day needs. thank you Faiyaz for such important session
    Janhavi Khatavkar
    12:54 21 Nov 19
    Great Learning, Lots more to learn from Faiyaz. Excellent driving skill, Easy to understand with online Practical.
    Krishna Pandey
    13:19 18 Nov 19
    Excellent training on Excel Dashboards which is very useful for my professional Work. Thank you Faiz to teach us in Depth
    Jino John
    12:17 18 Nov 19
    Great teaching ability. Good knowledge in Excel. Has answers to the queries. Faiyaz is a nice Excel Teacher...
    Kavin Domadia
    12:13 18 Nov 19
    Name: Virendra UpadhyayTraining: Advanced Excel TrainingCompany Name: Netmagic IT SolutionsFeedback: Informative, Interactive & Excellent...Practical sessions are covered very well.
    Virendra Upadhyay
    12:11 18 Nov 19
    Awesome Training and got so many exciting functionality which is very helpful in my professional work. Thanks to Faiz (as a Trainer) to teach us in depth.
    Aashish Agrawal
    12:08 18 Nov 19
    Great learning experience with Faiyaz sir. Very excellent teaching skill and maintain learning environments. Made excel very interesting.
    vikram chavan
    12:12 20 Aug 19
    Had a very great learning experience on excel. Explained the concept very well. Increased my confidence to use Excel at a basic level.
    13:14 09 Jul 19
    Great session by Faiyaz Sir! Never knew excel would be so interesting. It was a great learning experience and really helped me improve my knowledge of excel.
    Anchal Malapure
    13:09 09 Jul 19
    MS Excel is an integral part of office work today. Post undergoing training provided by Compufield, I posses a much stronger command on MS Excel and data analysis. Every vital area was covered under this training, I am thankful for such knowledge! Really helpful.
    shivangi gupta
    17:17 25 Jun 19
    Amazing class and informative too.And the guide had creative way to teach.
    Akshath Sharma
    12:23 21 Jun 19
    Got to learn a lot. Faiyaz sir was excellent ,so active & was very humble towards us . his speed and way of teaching was different and understandable. He always entertained doubts which made the class an interactive class. His knowledge and energy is something I appreciate the most.
    Simran Vijh
    12:16 21 Jun 19
    It's really been a great experience and a session with lots of learning! Mr. Faiyaz made the learning quite easier for us. Even if we been using excel for long, he made us familiar with lots of new stuff that we kept on missing.
    avantika jain
    11:36 21 Jun 19
    The sessions are really amazing. The sir is too good. Makes learning really easy to understand. ❤️
    Stephen Noronha
    11:17 21 Jun 19
    Learning excel from here was a great experience. Mr Faiyaz was very patient with his training and took into consideration each and every doubt whatsoever. For a beginner like me, it was fun learning excel.
    Suasha Girdhar
    11:16 21 Jun 19
    We got the opportunity to be taught by Faiyaz Sir and I must say, I haven't felt Excel, this interesting ever before. The way he teaches, is perfectly the apt speed and interactive that anyone can start loving it even if one doesn't like technology.He has made Excel full fun and curiosity for me, which was a horror before.I think the place person and place one can learn practical in real value.
    Sonal Sharma
    10:59 21 Jun 19
    Great session! Never knew Excel could be so interesting - and so easy to learn. What a great workshop. 🙂
    Malka Rizvi
    10:57 21 Jun 19
    It's a great workshop for two days. Learned many useful formula which will help to improve day to day work report. This training I feel will make my job life easy. Thanks Mr. Faiyaz for the training.
    sandip ghosh
    12:14 19 Jun 19
    Mr. Faiyaz, who took our session, was very dedicated towards his work. He utilized the two days that were allotted really well covering major aspects of the course. The session was very insightful and with the use of real data sets, we could apply our learnings and learn eventually.
    Gaurav Bagdi
    11:17 14 Jun 19
    MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA | It was a great workshop. We got a good insight into the deeper world of MS EXCEL with multiple functions. It was oriented towards professional working so all the functions related to that were taught and explained.
    Varun Marathe
    10:12 14 Jun 19
    I had great experience with this training. Great learning with fun. very good trainer Mr. Faiyaz . My skill are improves about daily use. Thank you.
    11:51 11 Jun 19
    I learned many useful things from Mr. faiyaz with in two days of training. I was working in excel since last 12 years but so many things were not known to me which can be use in daily job work. thanks
    sanjay sahu
    11:50 11 Jun 19
    Ultimate value addition. There are many small things which executives can learn in training to make excel handy, analysis fast, and presentation clean.A fruitful learnings.Thanks fayiaz
    ravi sharma
    09:04 22 May 19
    It was an excellent excel training workshop. Mr Faiyaz Khairaz was very thorough with the training and made the session really interactive and solved all our queries and helped us whenever we were stuck. He guided us throughout while we practiced and made it a great learning experience. Highly satisfied.
    Sukanya Bhattacharya
    16:51 17 May 19
    Advance Excel TrainingTrainer Mr. Faiyaj Khairaj is an excellent trainer with excellent grip on subject. There was not a single query which he did not addressed. Session had gave us so many fantastic power tools in excel in two days.
    ritesh ramteke
    13:10 17 May 19
    Attended an excellent excel training session conducted by Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz. Almost all the important topics of excel were covered, giving us a proper insight about advanced excel. Mr. Khairaz was patient enough to attend each and every query. Worth attending!
    rohini chakravarti
    04:27 16 May 19
    Had an excel training session from Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz. It came out to be an excellent workshop with most of the valuable topics covered within a crunch time. He is an excellent trainer with good grip in the subject.
    Dona Hazra
    13:25 15 May 19
    One of the best training sessions I have ever had in my life. Fayaz was open to all the quarries. Learned new things easily.
    Santanu roy chowdhury
    13:21 15 May 19
    Pallavi. Netscribes. Advanced Excel Training. Learnt so much in just 3 days. Thanks for answering all the questions with so much patience.
    Pallavi Sen Gupta
    08:33 15 May 19
    Excellent interactive session, amazing clarity and patience. Faiyaz is open to all queries . Enjoyed every moment and all my doubts are sorted. He attends to every uestion, every doubt and never loses his cool.
    Rajrupa Chakravarty
    08:32 15 May 19
    Narayan JariwalaDe Beers Group - Industry ServicesAdvance Excel Training Satisfied with the training and the trainer Mr.Faiyaz. It was really informative and interactive training. This has really made our queries on our day to day workbooks and sheets more easier to deal with.Thanks Mr.Faiyaz
    Narayan Jariwala
    07:16 07 May 19
    Highly satisfied with the training!!The two day training was extremely interesting and very useful as it provided some very concrete and easy-to-follow tools in excel.The trainer Mr Faiyaz had good knowledge and shared the real time scenarios through his experience.
    Martina Coelho
    03:53 07 May 19
    Max Anil ChristianDe Beers Group of CompaniesTraining : Advances Excel Completely satisfied with training as class was transparent, easy to understand, covered most important topic thoroughly that solved our confusions and queries. Mr. Faiyaz is great trainer who has wonderful skill to improve skills of others. Thnaks,Max
    Max Christian
    06:19 04 May 19
    Faiyaz has good command over Excel, excellent skills to communicate and solve practical examples which helps in day to day business.
    Prateek Sharma
    11:59 03 May 19
    Akshay Karve/Netmagic IT Service Pvt Ltd/Today' session on Advanced Excel Training was extremely helpful. I have learned a lot, all thanks to Mr.Faiyaz, he has explained everything with very precise examples and made sure that everyone got it right.i definitely urge anyone who wants to learn excel systematically to take training from Mr. Faiyaz.Once again thanks a lot Faiyaz for imparting such a deal of knowledge on excel.
    akshay karve
    14:58 23 Mar 19
    Kapil Gupta/ Netmagic IT Services Pvt. Ltd./ The training was excellent for excel. Just wish it could have extended for 2 days instead of 1
    Kapil Gupta
    13:03 23 Mar 19
    It was good Technics about excel which learned in short time,Thanks for all session for Netmagic solutions.
    Yogesh Dalvi
    13:03 23 Mar 19
    Digesh Bhatt/DHR Holding (India) Pvt. Ltd./ 15 years in Finance, It was a nice 2 Days session learned new things in Excel . Thanks to our Trainer - Faiyaz
    11:50 19 Mar 19
    Faiyaz Khairaz..Great Experience & happy to have such training.As the session was very helpful in learning new things.Ajinkya NagaonkarDHR Holding India Pvt.Ltd.
    Ajinkya Nagaonkar
    11:48 19 Mar 19
    Superb!Attended a 2 days session of excel that helped a lot in working with Excel efficiently and quickly.Highly recommended session for corpoate personnel. After this session Excel will become your most powerful and handy tool.Name- Prabhat ShuklaCompany- DHR HOLDING IND PVT LTD.Trainer- Faiyaz
    prabhat shukla
    11:38 19 Mar 19
    Smita Shinde/ DHR Holding Pvt Ltd/ 15 yrs. Excellent training session done by Mr. Faiyaz.
    Smita Jadhav
    11:28 19 Mar 19
    Sandip Pawar / DHR Holding (I) Pvt Ltd/ 8 Years/ Its great session , as got to know more benefits of excel.Thanks - Trainer - Faiyaz
    sandip pawar
    11:26 19 Mar 19
    Mehul Ghelani / DHR India Pvt Ltd / 15 yrs + in Finance. Faiyaz is an excellent trainer who ensures all questions in training are answered.
    Mehul Ghelani
    11:25 19 Mar 19
    Shweta More/ DHR Holding India Pvt Ltd/7years .Excellent training , active sessions, Mr Faiyaz- Excellent skills, active sessions
    Shweta More
    11:24 19 Mar 19
    Netmagic IT services pvt limited , Faiyaz Khairaz , Advance excel.. Happy to have such training , as the session was helpful in learning many new things, even the thing how well and easily we can use them. Knowledge well shared and explained.
    Khushbu Gawade
    11:55 12 Feb 19
    Company: Netmagic IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Trainer Name: Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz, Programme: Advance Excel, About Session: Its great session , as got to know more benefits of excel which will surely ease my work.
    Dilip Kumar
    11:53 12 Feb 19
    Netmagic IT services pvt ltd, Faiyaz Advance Excel.It is great experience to learn new things. I have gain more knowledge in this training program.
    pratik raut
    11:44 12 Feb 19
    Netmagic It services Pvt ltd, faiyazAdvance ExcelIt is great experience to learn new things.Nice trainer.I have gain more knowledge in this training program.
    Sandeep Jadhav
    11:40 12 Feb 19
    Company Name - Netmagic IT Services Pvt. Ltd.Trainer Name - Faiyaz KhairazProgram Name - Advance ExcelIt is great experience to learn Excel in detail.
    Avdhoot Shinde
    11:37 12 Feb 19
    It was a informative training , in a well conveyed way. Complex concepts were shown in easy way
    Ajay Jedia
    11:36 12 Feb 19
    Netmagic IT Services.Trainer Name :Faiyaz KhairazTraining Name :Advanced Excel.It was a Good experience.Knowledge delivered was worth it.
    usama mastan
    11:34 12 Feb 19
    Name- Manohar PednekarTrainer -Mr. faiyazcompany - Northern MarineComment - Thank you so much for the training session...I really enjoyed and learnt lots from it.This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to putting some of the techniques I've learned today into practice.😎
    Manohar Pednekar
    14:09 02 Feb 19
    Mr.Nayan Salvi Company name .Northern marine Trainer .mr.faiyaz khairaz excellent trainer and good communication .
    nayan salvi
    12:14 02 Feb 19
    Prasad L. Northern Marine Manning Service.Mr. Faiyaz khairaz teaching skill is excellent
    prasad lavangare
    11:58 02 Feb 19
    Trainer Name : Faiyaz KhairazATUL PRAKASH MORE NORTHERN MARINE MANAGEMENT INDIA PVT LTDExplain all topic is good
    11:57 02 Feb 19
    Ramchandra kanade/Northern Marine Mgt/5 starsMr Faiyaz Khairaz is Excellent traininer nice comunications soft spoken and give practicals of excel sheets
    Ramchandra Kanade
    11:56 02 Feb 19
    Trainer- FaiyazNetmagic Solutions Pvt. LtdRating- 5/5Review-Basic Excel training held at NM was pretty good and trainer also completed almost all the important topics and clarified the doubts.
    Ragini Rajput
    12:44 09 Jan 19
    Company Name:- Netmagic SolutionsThe trainer Mr. Faiyaz was really good. He was helpful and very elaborate about the topic covered (Basic Excel) during the training and supported the training via practical practice worksheets.
    Shubham Vichare
    11:33 09 Jan 19
    Trainer Name : Mr. FaiyazCompany name-Netmagic solution pvt. ltd.My trainer, Mr. Faiyaz is knowledgeable and a great guide. I recommend this training for all in need.It fairly caters to most common day-to-day difficulties/ issues an excel user may face.
    sachin gondhali
    11:29 09 Jan 19
    FaiyazCompany name-Netmagic solution pvt. ltd.My trainer, Mr. Faiyaz is knowledgeable and a great guide. I recommend this training for all in need.The training program on Advanced Excel is comprehensive and informative. It fairly caters to most common day-to-day difficulties/ issues an excel user may face.
    Abhishek Gaikwad
    11:27 09 Jan 19
    FaiyazNetmagic IT services pvt ltd -Garima iyerThe trainer was really good. He was helpful and very elaborate about the topic covered (Basic Excel) and supported the training via practical practice worksheets. Would recommend him for further trainings.
    garima iyer
    11:26 09 Jan 19
    It was an enriching experience. Mr.Faiyaz is a wonderful trainer,with absolute accountability towards his work... Making it sure that everyone understands whatever is explained.
    Sanchari Ghosh
    11:11 01 Dec 18
    Netscribes, kolkataThe training on advanced excel was very interesting and insightful. Mr. Faiyaz was an excellent trainer. This two days interactive session will really help me a lot in long run. Thank you.
    Ananya Dey
    11:04 01 Dec 18
    Company name: Netscribes India Pvt. Ltd. The training program on Advanced Excel is comprehensive and informative. It fairly caters to most common day-to-day difficulties/ issues an excel user may face. My trainer, Mr. Faiyaz is knowledgeable and a great guide. I recommend this training for all in need.
    Himadri Roy
    10:59 01 Dec 18
    The session was very good not only Mr Faiyaz introduced me to new things in Excel but also make to practicethem in a short period of time
    anjana naik
    11:30 30 Nov 18
    Great experience.... learnt many functions in excel in a very short period , Faiyaz is very good trainer .
    piu Chatterjee
    11:23 30 Nov 18
    Mr.faiyaz is a amazing trainer...the best part about him is that he never gets tired..he makes you understand the topic and he will continue doing it till you short an great human being and a amazing mentor
    Philip Gomes
    11:20 30 Nov 18
    Zeba Gulzar/Reliance Retail/ First excel training which was not at all boring. Engaging and helpful
    zeba gulzar
    13:04 25 Oct 18
    Great experience..!! Mr.Faiyaz is the best mentor to learn Excel and he is excellent in conveying the knowledge he has. Highly recommended for all the professional working on excel..
    Vishnu Vaid
    12:21 23 Oct 18
    Company- Netscribes India Pvt LtdGreat experience... Trainer Mr Faiyaz is very knowledgeable and is superb at relaying that knowledge in an easy manner
    Shambhavi Mishra
    11:11 23 Oct 18
    Mr.Faiyaz is very interactive trainer and provide knowledgeable training. I learnt lots of new things.
    Elisha Chhabra
    10:58 23 Oct 18
    Best place to learn Excel. We had training in advanced excel for 2days. Having no past experience in using excel, I learned almost everything in those 2 days right from basics.
    manishvarma nadakuditi
    04:27 13 Oct 18
    Company: Mahindra & MahindraThe training on Advance_Excel was great! Got to learn many concepts of Excel. Great learning experience. Thanks to Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz.
    Shubham Konda
    10:52 10 Oct 18
    Company name-Mahindra and MahindraMr.Faiyaz took a great session on advance excel and we got to learn many new things.
    10:42 10 Oct 18
    Great experience..!! Mr.Faiyaz is an expert in the field of Excel and he is excellent in conveying the knowledge he has. Great experience..!! Mr.Faiyaz is an expert in the field of Excel and he is excellent in conveying the knowledge he has.
    manadeep saha
    10:40 10 Oct 18
    Totally useful and informative session. The trainer Mr.Faiyaz clearly explained all the concepts and has given us a great start to explore the advanced concepts of Excel.Training Venue : Mahindra & Mahindra
    Sanjay R
    10:40 10 Oct 18
    Company: Mahindra and MahindraMr. Faiyaz Khairaz is very well versed and made us patiently understand the key concepts of excel. The training has helped me improve my skills and work efficiently.
    sai raghavi
    10:37 10 Oct 18
    Comapany: Mahindra and MahindraMr. Faiyaz has explained very well that every concept he taught will never go out of mind.Every complex topic is taught laconic yet very much clear to be understood.
    Srikanth Malladi
    10:37 10 Oct 18
    Faizal took training. In Depth detailed knowledge about lookups, Pivots & tables.Very nicely conducted with good exercise and practical eg.
    Aaditya Dongarsane
    10:16 16 Jul 18
    It was a Good session. There are many things got easy for day to day work. It was meaningful. Thank You.
    Chetan Bobade
    07:03 27 Jun 18
    New insights on ways of making work easy working with MS Excel.The sessions were interactive and Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz had been a great trainer to the batch.
    Suraj Nagwan
    11:22 19 Jun 18
    Mr Faiyaz has been very patient in making us understand the advanced skills of Excel. He's an expert. Overall the session which was conducted over two days seemed very satisfactory and professional. I do believe the techniques that I have learned shall give me an expertise edge in my corporate domain.
    Souvik Mandal
    11:04 19 Jun 18
    Excellent training program. Taught everything from the very basic to advanced concepts which will be very useful in any corporate environment. Great enthusiasm & energy displayed by the trainer which kept us going!
    Akshay Panwar
    11:04 19 Jun 18
    Great experience. Very helpful in providing various insights into MS Excel usage. The trainer was well versed with the subject and very helpful while clearing our doubts. A definite must for people willing to get a better handle of MS Excel.
    Pratyaksh Gosain
    11:03 19 Jun 18
    Excellent training. Step by step teaching made understand everyone easily. Continue the same
    Boris Lawrence
    11:02 19 Jun 18
    Mr Faiyaz is very good teacher and have good teaching skills. He expalined in very smooth and easy way. All doubts were solved by him.
    Jyoti Chamare
    12:56 28 May 18
    Trainer was very Knowledgeable & had good training qualities. Please continue good work.
    Swastisundar Bose
    04:26 21 May 18
    "Good experience" Example which was used were good to remember. Very interactive session with great skills.RegardsManinder SIngh
    sunny mani
    03:04 18 May 18
    The 3 day workshop covered all important tools/functions of MS Excel required to excel in corporate career. Mr.Faiyaz is a good trainer , makes sure everyone understands and is on the same page while conducting the course
    Akash D
    17:48 25 Feb 18
    Had a great Experience. Mr Faiyaz taught very well. Gave personal attention and made sure everyone learns.
    Supriya Praveen
    16:19 25 Feb 18
    The 3 day workshop taught me what i couldnt learn in a span of a year. The way excel is been taught makes you learn the basics and understand the functions and features instead of memorising things. A big thumbs up to Faiyaz Khairaz for taking the session.
    Nitesh Oberoi
    14:22 25 Feb 18
    It was a great learning experience. Mr.Faiyaz is an incredible trainer and he was very keen on clarifying each one of our doubts(in a class of 60). The 3 day workshop was really worth it. Thank you very much for organizing this. I highly recommend this to whoever is looking forward to learning excel, right from scratch.
    durga unnikrishnan
    11:08 25 Feb 18
    A wonderful learning experience. Never thought Excel would be so easy to learn. Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz is an expert trainer for advanced Excel. Good interactive sessions.
    Ankush Dhamija
    12:45 24 Feb 18
    Great workshop. Faiyaz Khairaz's class was very interactive and helpful.
    Savithri S N
    12:39 24 Feb 18
    Very good workshop on excel. Trainer Mr. Faiyaz was very helpful and patient in answering our queries. Thank you compufield for the workshop at MISB Bocconi!
    ravi teja
    12:38 24 Feb 18
    Fantastic trainer! Amazing knowledge and very approachable teacher. Highly recommended!
    Anirudh Shrivastava
    12:37 24 Feb 18
    It was great to understand the shortcut keys & techniques to apply the same in our day to day work. Thanks Faiyaz !!!!
    Charles Sequeira
    06:31 24 Feb 18
    Training was very nice and was very useful. Mr. Faiyaz is a very nice trainer and the session was very interactive.
    vipula poddar
    11:22 23 Feb 18
    Overall great experience, session was really helpful & fantastic. Trainer is absolutely great & kept entire session very smooth.
    Sandeepkumar Singh
    03:33 23 Feb 18
    Excellent trainer. Great knowledge of MS Excel. Good interactive learning experience. Thank you Mr. Faiyaz for the wonderful session.
    Aditya Benjamin
    10:51 26 Jan 18
    Excellent Trainer...good training topic, Teaching also very good. nice response..... Regards,Vinayak Ingawalenetmagic Solutions.Vikhroli
    Arjun kapshikar
    12:58 25 Jan 18
    Basic Excel training was good, got many thing to learn, Also the trainer Faiyaz was excellent in solving the query.
    Tauseef Fansupkar
    12:52 24 Jan 18
    Very organized step by step approach of learning Excel.I like the interactive style, and having the sample worksheets available is helpful to practice. over all it was good.
    shamilee konka
    12:00 23 Nov 17
    A very great experience in learning many useful things in Excel..The trainer,Mr.Faiyaz is a bank of knowledge n specially to mention, loved his teaching style n techniques, right into our brains...good going..keep it up...
    Sudha Murthy
    05:47 23 Nov 17
    Very good faculty with in depth knowledge of ms Excel. Our training session held by Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz was excellent at Ms Century rayon.
    mahendra singh
    18:07 13 Nov 17
    Thanks, Faiyaz sir, for conducting such a brilliant workshop on Advance CENTURY RAYON CO. for the first time. Hoping this relationship will go even further. You made the workshop so lively that even the topic like Excel had not only get understood but entertaining as well.Superb Workshop...
    Arun Sharma
    11:33 07 Nov 17
    Overall it was a good experience. Got to learn excel from basic.Thanks to Faiyaz Sir.
    Anshul Srivastava
    10:56 12 Oct 17
    On the first note I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing a brilliant workshop. The way how that all the topic have been covered up in a short span of time is very systematic. I personally appreciate the effort that Faiyaz sir has put. Most importantly the style of teaching, the way of interaction, and all the PRACTICE SHEETS were perfect to catch the topic.Two days well spent with proper LEARNINGS after a long time.THNX
    Riddhi Bora
    10:54 12 Oct 17
    Good teaching skills. Well structured course on Excel and Outlook. Highly recommend to new entrants in the corporate world
    Sarvesh Bavadekar
    10:48 12 Oct 17
    Excellent trainer (Faiyaz). The training was really helpful. Great experience.
    karan kapoor
    10:46 12 Oct 17
    We had a training with Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz for a coupe of days in Pune. A very dynamic trainer who very well knows how to keep the flow for such sessions and keep the participants involved. Great learning experience.
    Shubham Agarwal
    10:45 12 Oct 17
    Faiyaz was very much supporting & made us understand in detail. Thks! all the best.
    asgarali shaikh
    13:21 30 Aug 17
    Faiyaz sir teach awesome excel it's very easy to understand our excel ... teaching skills are very good I will surely get in touch with him .. soon ...
    Nikhil Patel
    13:20 30 Aug 17
    Was very helpful in understanding the functions in Excel and how to use it. Very logical explanations for everything
    Pranidhi Trivedi
    13:19 30 Aug 17
    it was too good..the way he teach us the MS Excel, we never thought there are so much we can do in excel. Now we can do more things in Excel i.e. presentation of Data. Teaching skill was amazing, Excellent Trainer. will definitely suggest my friends.
    Sumit Navre
    10:31 22 Aug 17
    Hii. Excellent & very nice trainer and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.thanksJitendra Kumar
    Excise Mumbai
    06:42 22 Aug 17
    We had a two-day intensive workshop on Microsoft Excel in our corporate office and to sum up the experience let's just say beginner to pro in two days. Great learning session from the certified tutor, Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz.
    Gilbert Khakhlari
    11:45 21 Aug 17
    Good Teaching Skills. Opened the completely new area of EXCEL. Would definitely suggest to my colleagues.
    Samir Maner
    11:10 17 Aug 17
    It was an excellent training session. Mr. Faiyaz has given us perfect guidance. The Excel Program was truly beneficial.
    MIS India Private
    14:06 20 Jul 17
    It was a great corporate experience of learning advanced excel in a good ..smooth..faster way with hardwork and determination lead by Faiyaz...Very Good Keep It up ...Sterlite Tech Employee
    Kalpesh Sambhria
    13:58 20 Jul 17
    This was an amazing experience. The entire session was really a great learning experience. I would recommend this to all corporates.
    04:03 19 Jun 17
    A great workshop just ended for us at Mahindra buses and trucks...fayaz was very helpful and indeed persuasive in getting us ingrained in excel and outlook ... Would recommend ... Cheers
    Bharat Raghavan
    03:05 18 Jun 17
    A great learning experience!!! Teaching was in depth and explained very well. Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz covered all important aspects of Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Would definitely recommend to all those who want to learn about the various aspects of using Microsoft Office Package.
    Paras Bhalla
    14:19 16 Jun 17
    The training by Mr Faiyaz was sublime.. I got to know many new things and revision of known things.. Overall it was splendid expereince of Excel training.. Thanks for imparting such good knowledge
    05:28 01 Jun 17