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Microsoft PowerPoint

1 Full Day Workshop In Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 356, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010)

This one-day program helps the participants enhance their presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. With simple but powerful features of PowerPoint for drawing, formatting, and animation, you will learn how to create impressive professional-quality presentations.

Almost all the managers, executives, and secretaries need to design presentations for some purpose or the other. This course is meant for any such person who wants to learn and master the capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations that make an impact on their audiences.

No prior knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is essential. Working knowledge of computers, and Microsoft Windows, however, is required for benefiting from this program.

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Creating presentations using Auto Content Wizard
  • Different views in PowerPoint (Normal, Sorter, Outline, Notes Page, Slide Show)
  • Saving, opening, and closing presentations

Module 2: Layouts

  • Using title slide
  • Using bullets and pictures
  • Creating tables
  • Creating chart
  • Using organization chart

Module 3: Slide Formatting

  • Paragraph alignment
  • Line spacing
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Format painter
  • Replacing fonts
  • Slide color schemes
  • Background colors

Module 4: Special effects

  • Applying preset animation/animation scheme for slides
  • Custom animations
  • Animation for charts
  • Slide transitions
  • Rehearse timing for slides
  • Working with media files

Module 5: The Drawing Toolbar

  • Using textboxes
  • Using WordArt
  • Line and Fill Color
  • Using AutoShapes
  • Applying 3-D effects to objects
  • Object alignment and rotation
  • Grouping and ungrouping

Module 6: Custom Design Templates

  • Designing layout for templates
  • Creating custom color schemes
  • Side master and title master
  • Adding a logo and custom bullets in slide master
  • Saving custom design templates

Module 7: Delivering Presentations

  • Using the action button
  • Working with hyperlinks using Word, Excel, and Internet
  • Delivering presentations using custom show
  • Embedding Microsoft Excel worksheets in PowerPoint
  • Saving a PowerPoint Presentation with different extension
  • Creating a complete pack of a presentation

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