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Microsoft Outlook

1 Full Day Workshop In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing.

Module 1: Layout Difference Between Outlook – 2000 & Outlook – 2003 & Outlook – 2007

  •  Appearance
  • Calendars
  • Public Folders
  • Shortcuts
  • Outlook Today
  • Email Notification

Module 2: New Features in Outlook – 2003

  • Creating a new profile (Exchange Server)
  • Working with Email
  • Creating a New Mail Message
  • Inserting a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) filed
  • Replaying to mails
  • Forwarding Mail
  • Sending mail with Attachment
  • Sending mail Importance setting

Module 3: Different Email Oprions

  • Forcefully checking the spelling before you send the Mail
  • Sending Email with the response buttons.
  • Tracing your email with delivery and return Receipt
  • Adding the simple Signature to your email
  • Creating an Email using a Stationary
  • Sending a post-dated mail
  • Sending Mails with follow-up

Module 4: Working in offline mode (Cached Exchange Mode)

  • Switching to offline mode

Module 5: Organizing and Manading Email

  • Arranging your email by category(Sorting of mails)
  • Giving color to specfic email so that it is easy to trace
  • Viewing only the Unread message in your folder
  • Recalling the send message

Module 6: Working with Folders

  • Creating a Simple Folder
  • Moving the email to a specific folders
  • Creating Personal Folder
  • Giving Password to your personal folders
  • Directing all new mails from mailbox to personal folder
  • Checking size of the folders
  • Display total count of message instead of the count of unread message indicato
  • Creating rules with the rules wizard

Module 7: Creating out of Office your Email

  • Types of Rules
  • Creating Rules with the Rules Wizard

Module 8: Creating out of Office Replies

  • General tips and considerations
  • Creating an out of Office Reply
  • Turning Off the Out of Office Assistant
  • Turning Off Out of Office Assistant: Outlook Already Open

Module 9: Junk Email Filters

  • Overview of Junk Email Filters
  • Setting Junk E-Mail Filters in Outlook

Module 10: Archiving your Folders

  • Archiving data automatically
  • Archiving data manually
  • Restoring data

Module 11: Contacts

  • Creating a New Personal Address Book
  • Creating a Distribution List

Module 12: Calendar

  • Introduction to Calendar
  • Creating a New Appointment
  • Creating a Recurring Appointment
  • Sending a Meeting Request Mail

Module 13: Tasks

  • Introduction
  • Creating a New Tasks
  • Assigning the Tasks to Others

Module 14: Sharing your Folders (Inbox, Calendar, Tasks etc.)

  • Outlook folder permissions
  • Giving Permissions to your folders
  • Open other user’s folders who has given you permissions
  • Sending Mails on Behalf of Other User

Module 15: Reparing a Corrupted PST File Useful SHortcut keys in Outlook

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