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Power BI Training

Microsoft Power BI Course

Microsoft Power BI Training | Power Bi Certification Program

Power BI —which combines Power BI Services, Desktop, and Mobile into a formidable business intelligence and analytics package. In this Power Bi Training Course, we teach you how to get the most out of this toolset.

The Power Bi Certification Training Program includes Data Modelling, Power Query, Dax, Visualisations and Power Bi Service.

Learn how to connect to external data sources and upload CSV and Excel files, and then use Power BI Pro to create insightful reports, visualizations, and dashboards, complete with charts and maps. Get further insights from your data with Power BI Q&A and Microsoft Cortana, and then share the results with colleagues.

Why should a Corporate Company Invest in Microsoft Power Bi?

Are your employees Using Excel to Analyse Data?
Have they Tried to Analyse a Million Records in Excel?

#Reason 1: What is POWER BI?

Power Bi & Power Pivot is Built to work with data scale which is Huge, in Millions, if you simply Google “How many Records can we Analysed in Power Bi ” You will get the answer.

Are you a Corporate employee?
How can Power BI enhance your skills of analysis? Discuss With Us

    #Reason 2: Learn Power Bi Dashboards

    Have you tried to create a Dashboard in Excel?

    In the Power Bi Training Program, you will learn to create Interactive Dashboards.

    Interact with our Dashboard, Go ahead and try it out – click on the chart, and watch it respond (maximise to full screen for better visibility):

    What Dashboard’s will YOU be creating, In the Power Bi Training Program?

    In the Power BI Training Program, you will learn to create Dynamic, Interactive Dashboards.

    These dashboards would have Data from multiple data sources. Dashboards created in Power Bi can also be shared using the Power BI Service Features.

    #Reason 3: Learn Power Query

    Can you Create a Pivot Table of This DATA? on the basis of Month, under Rows?

    Using Power Query, you will be able to convert this data, into the desired results within seconds.

    We get Data every Month or from multiple branches, with a click of a Button, we want to Append the different Data Set’s.

    #Reason 4: DAX

    Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a library of functions and operators that can be combined to build formulas and expressions in Power BI Desktop, Azure Analysis Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Power Pivot in Excel.

    Using Dax, you start Asking Questions to your Data Model.

    • For Example Top 5 Clients in Mumbai City?
    • Create Year to Date Analysis for Sales
    • Calculate Sales, for Same Period Last Year and Many More…

    Do you represent a Corporate Company?
    How can Power BI be an asset to your company? Discuss With Us

      #Reason 5: Power Bi Training for Visualisation:

      In the Power Bi Training Program, you will learn the multiple visualisations which Power BI has to offer.

      Power BI Training Student’s Review

      Top 5 Reasons To Take Our 1:1 Free Counseling Session On Power BI Training

      Introduction To Dashboards

      Glimpse of Interactive dashboards which you will be creating during the Power BI training program

      Day 1

      Module 1: Introduction to Self-serve analytics and business intelligence tools

      • SSBI Tools
      • What is Power BI, & Benefits?
      • Power BI – Structure, Components, Requirement’s
      • Building Blocks of Power BI – Getting Started
      • Power BI – Primary Tools : Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power Map
      • Integrated into Once Model, Power BI
      • Loading large data into PowerQuery
      • Consolidation of data from multiple files/multiple folders
      • Consolidation of data from multiple sheets

      Module 2: Modelling Data

      • Merging tables and queries
      • Doing simple to complex automated lookups
      • Multiple joint in PO
      • Data transformation and cleaning data
      • Pivoting & unpivoting data
      • Column transformation & Cleaning
      • Row transformation & conditional logic cleaning
      • Camping & summarizing data

      Module 3: Power Pivot

      • Introduction to PowerPivot
      • Overview of the environment
      • Getting data into PowerPivot
      • From Databases
      • From Excel Files
      • From Power Query
      • Copy Pasting Data
      • Calculated Columns
      • Creating Calculated Columns
      • Using RELATED function – the lookup of PowerPivot

      Module 4: Analyse

      • Analyse (using power pivot)
      • This sector will focus on doing powerful analysis
      • Data Sources and Connections. Connecting to multiple sources of Data
      • How to use Query Editor in Power BI, Editing Data in Power Bi, Changing
      • Datatypes, Create Calculated Columns
      • Advanced Data Changes and Transformation to Data
      • Views in Power BI Desktop
      • Modeling Data – Manage Data Relationship, 1-1/ 1- Many Relationship of Data

      Module 5: Relationships

      • Working with multiple tables
      • Diagram and Data views
      • Defining relationships
      • Editing and Handling Multiple Relationships

      Module 6: Power Query

      • Understanding PowerQuery environment
      • Loading large data into PowerQuery
      • Consolidation of data from multiple files/multiple folders
      • Consolidation of data from multiple sheets
      • Appending data
      • Merging tables and queries
      • Doing simple to complex automated lookups
      • Multiple joint in PO

      Module 7: Measures & Calculated Columns

      • Measures in PowerPivot
      • Implicit and Explicit Measures
      • Understanding Filter Context
      • Measure Referencing
      • Editing / Deleting Measures
      Day 2

      Module 8: Data Analyse Expressions (DAX)

      • Learning Data Analyse Expressions (DAX) Functional Language
      • Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields
      • DAX Error Handling
      • Overview of DAX Functions
      • RELATED and RELATEDTABLE functions
      • FILTER and ALL functions
      • CALCULATE function
      • Visual Totals and ALLSELECTED
      • What is Time Intelligence in DAX
      • Calendar Table
      • Counting Working Days
      • Multiple Calendar Tables
      • DAX Filter Functions : CALCULATED
      • Performing arithmetic & aggregation operations on large data
      • Writing statistical and logical DAX patterns
      • DAX creative formulas : SUMX() and other X Functions

      Module 9: Data Visualization 1

      • Different Types of Data Visualization
      • Practices for Data Visualization, Using Different Components, Visuals
      • Creating Reports in Power BI
      • Charts in Power BI (Scatter, Waterfall, Funnel)
      • Slicers in Power BI
      • Map Visualizations, for Creating Dynamic Maps Connected to Location Mentioned in Data
      • Gauges and Single Number Cards
      • Understanding Power View Features
      • Using Filters for interactivity
      • Understanding different visualization
      • Tables
      • Matrix
      • Cards & More
      • Understanding different visualization
      • Line
      • Bar / Column
      • Pie

      Module 10: Data Visualization 2

      • Using Maps
      • Understanding Drill Down’s
      • Using Titles
      • Understanding Multipliers
      • Tables
      • Matrix
      • Cards & More

      Module 11: Q&A Data Insights

      • Power BI Q&A
      • Creating Dashboard & Sharing
      • Dashboard v/s Reports
      • Creating a Dynamic Dashboard With Multiple Charts & Data Set’s
      • Creating Dashboard Tiles
      • Pinning Tiles to Dashboard
      • Quick Insights with Power BI
      • Power BI Publisher for Excel
      Day 3

      Module 12: Advanced Topics

      • Filter Context
      • Calculate
      • Row Context
      • Evaluation Context and Relationships
      • Context Transition
      • All Selected
      • Advanced Dax Functions & Patterns
      • RankX
      • KeepFilters
      • Event in progress
      • Time Intelligence DAX Functions
      • Calendar Table
      • Counting Working Days
      • Multiple Calendar Tables
      • Aggregations over Time
      • Creating Advance Dashboard
      • Get Participant’s to work on their Data

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